Language Log

Even punctuation is controversial on the Internet.  Should my title be Bert Collins’ Blog or Bert Collins Blog? I go to  Language Log for my daily dose of grammar wars.  Mark Liberman’s site is very reassuring–the repeated message is that the proper study of linguistics is how people use language, not how they OUGHT to use it. If you want to know how many words the Inuit really have for snow, you’ll find the full, hilarious debate here.

(When my computer recently crashed,  I used the opportunity to do a clean install. I am gradually restoring my Firefox bookmarks and will share some of my favorites here.)


One Response to “Apostrophe”

  1. su02420 Says:

    And this was the discussion at a family dinner of Collinses …. who find this sort of question interesting. I must say I am so pleased with the launch of this new blog. It was the gift of a loving son to his father.

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